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The adventures of Arthur, Joe, and Harry Bear [Sep. 29th, 2004|11:03 pm]
Here be the crazies
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[music |Billie Holiday-Blue Moon / Iron Butterfly-In A Gadda Da Vida]

Sara and I are going to create a comic.

So the main character is Joe and he has glasses and is balding and has a goatee and he is a stick figure. And his best friend is Arthur, who has a mowhawk and likes to wear dresses because sometimes a man just needs to wear dresses. He is also a stick figure. But there is a problem! Both of them are in love with Harry Bear!

Harry Bear is a bear with no gender who has a really big right ear and a small left ear.

But one day Harry Bear went into the jungle and met a hobbit and then Harry Bear and the Hobbit did crack together and Harry Bear died of an overdose!

But then Harry Bear rose from the dead! Because Arthur practices the dark arts and that's why he wears dresses! He rose Harry Bear from the dead!

Then Joe went to hair club for men and got hair and was no longer bald and Harry Bear is all like "oh, Joe, you're pretty, I wed thee!" but Arthur is all like "hold the phone, I raised you from the dead. You must love me!!!!"

Harry Bear said "I'm a vain bear!" and Arthur shook his head and ran away.

But then they were all friends again and the fish came.


Don't read this.