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Here be the crazies

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Just a little IM between my friend and I [Mar. 24th, 2005|10:39 pm]
Here be the crazies


[mood |amusedamused]
[music |my mom singing "pina coladas for everyone" downstairs...]

*squirrel girl is a fictional scapegoat of mine i blame all my flaws on*

I thought I'd post something, a little amusing...if you find grown women jealous over fictional squirrels amusing...probably not...but I figure...it'll prolly be the most random/funny thing to happen to me for about a week...

so i just posted it..

StormADP: actually, randy asked me about this when i was over, lol
blackbubblekitty: yeah
StormADP: he wanted to know when i was going to "tap that" lol
StormADP: funny lil idiot randy is lmao
blackbubblekitty: then you said never
blackbubblekitty: and i said squirrel girl
blackbubblekitty: but i didn't listen to what you said
blackbubblekitty: i was just rambling about the squirrel girl
StormADP: lmao not true
StormADP: i said we hadn't gotten to it yet, and we would do it when we felt comftorable doing it
blackbubblekitty: yeah well, i was rambling about squirrel girl anyway
StormADP: i know
StormADP: your gonna be killing her in your dreams i think
blackbubblekitty: no...
blackbubblekitty: I throw books at girls who flirt with you in my dreams
StormADP: ahh
blackbubblekitty: i also just created a score card
StormADP: score card?
blackbubblekitty: for me and the squirrel girl
StormADP: really?
StormADP: how does one score?
blackbubblekitty: I got 50 point...and squirrel girl has 0
blackbubblekitty: because... i got you to join lj ...
StormADP: lol
blackbubblekitty: so i automatically get as many points as i desire
blackbubblekitty: but since i'm nice... i only took 50
StormADP: riiight
StormADP: very sporting of you
blackbubblekitty: yeah it'll take that whore a while to catch up
StormADP: lmao
StormADP: if u get 50 for making me join lj, i shudder to think what happens when me and you have sex
blackbubblekitty: i'll prolly only get 10
StormADP: lol
blackbubblekitty: squirrel girl can't get that seeing as how she's fictional and all
StormADP: hehe